………..*** Milford Frontier Days is the winner of the 2022 BAM! Community Award for Best Milford Staple ***

Back to Our Roots

That’s right … this year will be the 60th Frontier Days celebrated the first weekend of June in Milford, OH. Just have to say – wow!

For our 60th anniversary, we’re planning on going back to our roots: exploring the memories and great times we’ve had throughout the years. Join us for a party worthy of finishing our sixth decade as a Milford Staple!

Thursday, June 2
Parade: 6:30 pm
8-10 pm, Counting Skeletons

Friday, June 3
Festival: 5-11 pm
Band: 8-11 pm,
The Mondays

Saturday, June 4
Makers Market: 10 am–5 pm

Hoodlum Alley Boys Car Show: Noon-4 pm
Festival: Noon-11 pm

FC Cincinnati’s Gary the Lion: 1-3 pm
Band: 8-11 pm, LunchBox Band

Let’s have a parade!

The annual Frontier Days parade will be coming down Lila at its traditional time, Thursday, June 2, 6:30 pm, starting at the Milford Shopping Center on Lila and ending in downtown Milford on Main St. To participate & learn more, click here.

for all

Each day of the festival, we feature multiple fun options – check out this schedule for details. And as always, each night you’ll enjoy fun bands that will get your feet moving!

Festival foods
& drinks

Come get your festival food on with funnel cakes, cotton candy, wings, fried bologna sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers, and of course – all kinds of beverages for
kids and adults alike!